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Follow this course and learn to read the Bible effectively.

If you find reading the Bible difficult or frustrating at times, then this course is for you. An introduction, followed by twelve concise and informative sessions of two sections each (postal version) or eight sessions of three sections each (e-mail version), are attractively presented. They aim to equip you with the skills required to understand Bible teachings for yourself and benefit from a new appreciation of the Bible. Whether you are familiar with the Bible or are new to reading it, this course will provide you with plenty of information and the desire to begin reading it more effectively.

You will learn . . .

  • The use of cross-references
  • How to allow the Bible to interpret itself
  • Bible history and chronology
  • How to read carefully
    e.g. Adam and Eve didn’t eat an apple
  • Evidence that the Bible is not a work of fiction
  • Who the Jews are, and why they are so important in the Bible
  • An overview of each book of the Bible (see also Map of the Bible)
  • Why God seems to allow so much suffering in the world
  • How to use a concordance and lexicon
  • A simple reading plan to help you read all the Bible in a year

Topics covered . . .
(postal version shown: e-mail version is in 3 sections per instalment and 8 instalments - still 24 sections)


Section 1

Section 2


Background to the Bible

The Bible interprets itself


Overview of Books of the Bible - Part 1

The Old Testament the foundation for the New


God’s Covenants

The role of prophecy


Effective Bible reading

Overview of Books of the Bible - Part 2


Study tools - Part 1

Terminology - Part 1


Overview of Books of the Bible - Part 3

Terminology - Part 2


Cross references

A law ahead of its time


The purpose of God revealed

Overview of Books of the Bible - Part 4


Study tools - Part 2

Terminology - Part 3


The place of the Jews in God’s plan

The balance of grace and truth


Motivation in reading the Bible

Overview of Books of the Bible - Part 5


Terminology - Part 4

The problem of suffering

Four Reasons to follow the course ...


Make your Bible study more productive with less time.


If you claim to believe in God you should understand His message yourself.


Learn and fine tune skills which will allow you to read the Bible with a better understanding than before. Many people desire to learn, but early difficulties discourage and hinder progress.


Take advantage of an opportunity to break free from the television. Enjoy time with the family, a partner or friend, learning about the Bible at your own pace.



The course is completely FREE. You will never be asked for money or to make donations of any kind.

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