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Bible passages quoted are from the Authorised (or King James) Version.

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There is only one God, the Father, Creator of all

Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten Son

The Holy Spirit is God’s special power

God's purpose is to fill this earth with His glory

Man was created good but sinned, and death followed

The Bible, God’s Word, is reliable and accurate

Jesus lived a sinless life, died and rose from the dead

Jesus is now immortal, and has ascended to heaven

Jesus will return to this earth and raise the dead

Jesus will establish God's kingdom on this earth

Man's reward is on the earth in God's kingdom

Man's hope of immortality is a change at Jesus' return

Baptism is essential for salvation

The fate of those not made immortal is everlasting death

Israel is God's chosen people, whether or not obedient

Israel will be head of the nations in God’s kingdom

The Bible, which reveals all this, is God's Word

What we do not believe, because it is not in the Bible

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