From the days of the first century apostles there have been groups of believers of the same conviction as ourselves. Always they have been a minority, often persecuted for rejecting the doctrines of the established churches, preferring to hold fast to Bible teaching.

In the 19th century one such group was required by the authorities to provide itself a name for registration purposes - and so the name ‘Christadelphian’ was formed from the Greek words signifying ‘brothers in Christ’. In some other countries, the name has been translated into the local tongue, as ‘Broeders in Christus’ in the Netherlands.

Today there are congregations in many countries of the world, although nowhere very numerous, all sharing the same beliefs. In some places we meet in our own buildings, in others in hired halls, and in yet others in our own homes.

We meet, usually weekly, to share bread and wine in remembrance of the sacrifice of Christ; hold public Bible talks explaining the Bible message; and have Bible Classes where we study God’s Word in greater depth.

To find where we are, follow one of the links in Useful Links, according to where you are.

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